Company Vounaki S.A.

The company “Vounaki SA” was founded in 1992 in Paleros Etoloakarnania, aiming to construct a modern hotel unit and a private marina. Its three founders Achileas & Othon Stachtiaris and Spyros Achimastos, having followed successful parallel career paths, were highly motivated by their love for their birth place and envisioned a new era for the tourism market in the region.

The village of Paleros is built amphitheatrically from the coast up holding a population of around 2,500 residents. Although it possesses unique natural beauty combining exquisite mountainous and sea landscapes, until recently it had been no more than a passage, since intended guests had their island Lefkada located at only 30 km.

The majority of the residents of the village are mainly employed in agriculture or livestock and fish farming, while during the recent decades many have moved to surrounding areas in search of new means of making a living. In this environment, the business plan of the company seemed too ambitious and challenging, both for the company itself, but also for the local community which would see the area transformed in a few years.

Despite the development accepted by the region because of the construction projects in the hotel and marina, unaffected natural beauty, since all the work was carried out with respect for the environment and the biodiversity of the area. Therefore, protected the vegetation and natural terrain. Generally, the whole philosophy of the project was oriented on the harmonization with the environment and its protection. For this reason, biological system, solar panels and energy-saving systems installed from the beginning in order to minimize the environmental pollution respecting the ecological footprint.

Vision and Objectives

The company, since its inception, had a clear vision, goals and strategy and its corporate culture. The vision of its founders was to create a modern tourist complex with unique features that would highlight the region and enhance the inflow of tourism in the area.

The company’s aim was to attract foreign tourism, capitalizing on Aktion Airport, which is only a few minutes’ drive away, and could make the club easier to access. More specifically the focus was on English tourism, although the neighboring Lefkas and the Ionian region in general are better known to the Italian tourists.

The orientation, after study and research on English tourism reflected in the design of the first hotel unit, which would fully meet the needs of its customers by offering hotel services, food, fun and entertainment.

Besides, the company started at the same time the construction of the marina, which was one of the first private marinas in Greece. The marina would provide the first strong competitive advantage in business and the ability to innovate in yacht tourism, two components composed largely corporate culture.

The 2002 Expansion

In 2002 due to the continuous increase in the inflow of tourists, the company decided to expand its business by building one new and autonomous hotel made in the same style with all necessary facilities making for an excellent functionality. This expansion gave a solution to the consecutive growing customer needs.